5 Best Sneakers for men’s

The craze of white sneakers can infiltrate your cabinet and has reached the marketplace.

Footwear brands have included the minimal sneaker look with design finishes that were surprising. Strange thing, a fresh accession to the sneaker market, amplified the white high top with three broad velcro straps.

This year you will be seeing more of them than normal using the style world re-including its possible at designers and all the recent shows from Nyc to Milan adding new styles for their groups.

From classic layouts that have hardly changed for over 50 years and take their cues from first tennis shoes, to more modern, ‘high-end’ fashions discovered at the higher priced end of the spectrum, there tend to be more choices here than before.

  1. Dress down Formal

Not everybody has got the assurance to wear white sneakers using a suit or blazer. However, it could be an excellent solution to dampen an official ensemble, as done here with this particular broken up double-breasted jacket. Can work with everything!

Grey Sneakers

sneakers style

  1. Socks-less summer

The white sneakers come into its own, when sunlight is revealed and could be paired with shorts or as it does on the shore, turned up pants to get a sockless look that also functions in town. Works particularly well with canvas that is classic layouts from the likes of Vans and Superga.



Mens Shoes

  1. Urban Casual

Another way to achieve a casual comfortable yet stylish attire with white sneakers is combined them with lounge pants. And, you will be ready to take street-style at a new level. You can even pair it with rugged denim and pastel colored T-shirts or shirts for some different urban casual appearance.

Urban Casual Shoes

urban sneaker man

  1. Attaining the smooth modern look

The minimalist power of a plain white sneakers makes an ideal comparison in material and color into a somewhat smart casual ensemble like gray wool pants. Masters of the modern, tidy, minimalist way of white running shoes contain layouts that are expensive but enjoyable from French label or New York brand Common Projects, that have taken the modest sneaker that is white with their stripped-back, never-altering layout into a higher plain lately.

  1. Classic Waspy look

If it worked for James Dean and Steve McQueen, then it is likely a formula worth duplication. Couple some Converse Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells with some classic chinos or dark denim along with a basic tee to get a classic ‘weekend’ appearance that isn’t only for when you are in your twenties.

Classic Waspy look

Top 5 Brands in White Sneakers for men’s

  1. Vans
  2. Adidas
  3. Nike
  4. Puma
  5. Converse

No matter how clumsy you are with your wardrobe or in following latest trends, it is better to have you are an excellent pair of white sneakers. The best thing about these white sneakers is:

  1. They are attention grabbing
  2. They can easily go with any look whether formal or casual or somewhere in between of both

Above mentioned are 5 Best Sneakers for men’s that you should follow this season.

Choosing Right Accessories with your Dresses

It is always important that you match your dress with the right accessory. A miss-match would really look awkward. So, when you go out and choose some accessory for your new dress, all you need is a small piece of advice. Just read here and find out what mistakes you could have made if you would not have come across these set of words. Just be careful while choosing the right accessories for your dresses. Here’s some advice for you.

Womens Fashion Accessories

How to Choose the Right Accessories?

1. Choosing fashion jewelry: There are so many things that would be included in the field of fashion jewelry. This would include bracelets, chain, bangles, ear rings, finger rings and so on. There would be lot of things you may get tempted to buy. But you must find out your exact budget first. Now, based on that create some list that will help you take the right decision. You can buy the fashion jewelry based on the color of your dresses. Also, you should create a sense of contrast when needed. Also, while choosing the jewelry you must think of the occasion and the dress that you are wearing. Some jewelry help you look gorgeous and some make you look casual and playful. So, take the decision accordingly.

2. Choosing the right handbag: You must be careful while making the selection of the handbags too. If you are a woman with short stature then perhaps short handbags would look good on you. For those who are tall or wearing heels, there would be longer one to suit. If the color of the dress and the handbag would match a bit then this can create a sense of good color combination. It would look nice and complementing too. For office going ladies, tote bag is a must buy. For those have to go to parties, clutch bag does look smart and classy. There are many different forms of handbags available. Just make sure that you are buying the right one for the right purpose.

3. Choosing the right pair of shoes: while choosing the right pair of shoes for your dresses you must first be well planned as to what dress you are wearing. Heeled shoes go well with the formal clothing. If it’s a jeans then flat shoes would look smart. If you don’t want to stuff the shoe rack with different colored shoes then you can go for some neutral and basic colors that would go along with any of your dresses.  While buying the shoes be very careful and see to it that you have bought the shoes with right fit. If you buy too tight shoes then that would irritate you and it would show up in your moods too.

We hope that now you know Choosing Right Accessories with your Dresses is really an important thing. But we take these things so casually. It is important to therefore plan out things well in advance. Then only you can get things of your choice. Otherwise, you may end up messing up things at the last moment.


Take a Look on Men’s Christmas Styles

With Christmas right around the corner, it is important for Indian men to begin changing their wardrobes, in order to get into the season. There are many popular styles, which work wonderful, during the cold winter. Below, you will discover some attractive Christmas styles for the average Indian man.

Displaying Elegance with a Sherwani

This is a unique type of article of clothing that is generally exclusive to the area of South Asia. If you’re looking to show off your elegance and worth, you’ll definitely want to purchase and wear a Sherwani, which happens to be linked to the aristocrats of India society. These outfits come in a variety of different colors, but each is very stylish and attractive. Since these garments almost always display an elaborate pattern or design, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to turn heads, when showing offing your top-dollar Sherwani. Make sure you wear this article of clothing with some boots. On the other hand, it could be matched with a pair of matching shoes.

Brocade Sherwani


Keeping Warm and Stylish with a Nehru Jacket

When it comes down to it, winter is going to get fairly cold. Therefore, you’re going to need to improvise, in order to keep yourself warm and stylish at the same time. One way to pull over a trendy style, while keeping warm, you will want to consider wearing a Nehru jacket, which happens to a tailored coat, which usually stretches down to the hip. This is a very attractive jacket, which has been worn by many famous individuals, including a former Prime Minister of India! The article of clothing has been worn, since the 1940s and has only grown in popularity. It is possible to purchase a Nehru jacket in many different designs and colors, which will allow you to customize your style and show off your personality. Be sure to match your jacket, with a nice pair of dress pants and leather shoes.

Stylish with a Nehru Jacket

Nehru Jacket

Showing Off a Luxurious Choga

If you’re looking to show off a classic style that is sure to impress all comers, you will want to consider purchasing and wearing a Choga. This is a very beautiful piece of clothing that can help keep you warm, while showing off your taste and class. This is definitely an article of clothing that will turn heads. While it might be expensive, this is something you’ll want to consider, if you’re got the money.

Christmas Sweater Shirts

Matching Christmas Sweaters

Letting your Feet Shine

In order to pull off the look, you’re going to need a nice pair of shoes. While it is important to make sure your entire wardrobe meshes together perfectly, you should put special care into your shoes, which are the first thing many people notice. Therefore, you might want to think about purchase a nice pair of formal shoes or boost. Leather is always a good idea, as it will give your feet a nice, clean shine. Without overdoing it, you should attempt to stretch your boundaries and take your style one step further, as this will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Men's Christmas Jumpers

Remain Cool by Avoiding Over Dressing

When it comes down to it, many Indian many attempt too hard and end up with too many accessories. This can quickly make a wardrobe too busy and distracting. In order to avoid this type of disaster, you should remember to remain cool and avoid wearing too many accessories. It is best to choose one accessory and stick with it. For instance, if you’re going to be wearing a hat, do not bring along a shoulder bag or anything else.

The Most Comfortable India Christmas Attire

There is nothing for comfortable and fashionable for the holiday season than a kurta. This upper garment is part of the Indian culture and can be worn by the male. This fashionable garb reaches just below the knees and offers a very loose, cozy fit. The pallet of soft colors, styles, and designs will look great for great for any planned occasion, whether you are planning a night at home or out on the town. The long sleeved garment provides some warmth for the cool winter nights.

Stay Warm And Cozy On Those Cool Winter Evenings With A Knit Sweater

No need for a throw or blanket, when you are wearing a lovely knit sweater. The many styles and designs will look great with jeans or dress pants, whichever you prefer. The shawl collar cardigan is great when you are out touring the city or shopping for Christmas gifts for you family and friends. The cardigan is crafted out of soft acrylic wool and is so comfortable, when wearing that you will forget that you have it on.

Staying Comfortable With A Soft Leather, Indian Belt

A soft leather belts will add pizzaz to your wardrobe. If you are dressing up for a business luncheon or a Christmas dinner, you should definitely add a black or brown belt. A belt will show off your physique and make you look very fashionable and stylish.

Do It Yourself Ideas…


Want to share with you all, few DIY ideas to your old accessories and make it brand new… hope you like it….








Don’t throw away your old jewelry or accessories… they can be of great use to DIY fashion ideas and can do wonders to your old clothes & accessories….

Zara Classic Shoes For Men’s

While many people do not recognize the name Zara, this is actually one of the most popular and successful fashion companies in the world. Unlike many other companies, this is an international company that has gained success far and wide. Below, you will discover the most popular Zara classic shoes for men.

Zara Zapatos


Black Monk strap shoes from Zara

men's shoes from Zara

Dressing Sharp with Leather Oxford Shoes

If you’re looking to hit the town with a lady on your arm, you’re going to want to dress sharp and stylish. In order to do this, you might want to consider picking up a pair of leather oxford shoes from Zara. While these shoes will cost you approximately a hundred dollars, they’re very sleek and stylish. You can also purchase a pair that has impressive detailing. These black leather shoes are very stylish and will work well with a pair of suit pants.


Zara Grosgrain

Leather Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes

Stylish Shoes

Staying Comfortable and Stylish with Leather Slip-ons

If you’re looking to stay comfortable, but want to dress to impress, you might want to check out the leather slip-ons from Zara. These shoes, which will cost you a little over a hundred and fifty dollars, are available in a variety of sizes ranging from seven to twelve. The shoes are very comfortable and convenient. You do not have to worry about your shoes coming untied, since they do not have any strings. Therefore, you’ll be able to slip on a pair on jogging pants, step into your leather slip-ons and hit the town. These shoes offer a multi-color look. They’re a mix between black and different shades of grey.

Zara fall winter


leather slip-ons

Stylish with Leather Slip-ons

Zara Slip-ons

Hanging with Friends: Classic Velcro Trainers

IF you’re looking to hit the streets with your friends, you will want to consider slapping on a pair of Zara classic Velcro trainer. With these shoes, you will be able to hang out, remain comfortable and show off your style. These shoes are generally white, with a little bit of color on the back and tongue. The shoes are very stylish and can be worth with pretty much anything, whether it is pants or shorts. The Velcro will put your mind at ease, since you won’t have to worry about tripping over your strings.

Plimsolls & Trainers

Velcro Strap Plimsolls in White for Men

trainers shoes

Dress For Success With The Soft Ankle Boot

The very classy soft leather ankle boot is perfect for those dressing in a tailored suit or a pair of denim jeans. The design is perfect for comfort and a stylish look that adds success to any professional wardrobe. They are available in several different colors for you to choose from. Although black will work perfectly with almost any pant color and design, you can choose from dark brown and tan, as well. With several different designs to choose from including slip-ons, string ties, or zip ups. The low-heel will make them for comfortable for walking or standing for long periods of time. The thick leather seams gives the soft boot a more defined appearance. The ankle boot is the perfect height for concealing your socks especially when you are bending or squatting. Many men prefer this style just for that particular reason.

leather ankle boot

DIY Accessories

Accessories have always been a sign of wealth and fashion- its a way of showing your style and adding beauty to your outfit.
Many women has start making their own jewellery, maybe because they following their passion, maybe because the prices has gone up, or simply because its a spiritual pleasure to create something out of old stuff.
There are many ways to create your favorite jewellery, all yopu need is the basic things, maybe some chain, rhinestones, or whatever decoration you have access to.
Below are some amazing pictures that girls worldwide have shared-where it shows exactly how to create your own jewellery step by step.
Great tips and beautiful jewellery that you just haven’t thought about. Get inspired and creative

1. DIY fashion individual sunglasses

DIY Accessories

2.How To Make a Bow Tie – A Beautiful Mess


DIY Accessories

3.The Bib Necklace


DIY Accessories

4.  DIY: Button Bobby Pins


DIY Accessories

5. DIY: Pistachio Necklace


DIY Accessories DIY Accessories

6.DIY: Beaded Bow Bracelet


DIY Accessories

7.  Fancy Friendship Bracelets


DIY Accessories

DIY Accessories

8. DIY:  Beaded Hair Elastics


DIY Accessories

9. DIY Ribbon Wrapper Ring


DIY Accessories


10. Baroque Buckle Bracelet DIY

DIY Accessories

DIY Fashion Accessories

Most modern women can’t without accessories. Look around, stores are filled with different types of accessories with different materials. Accessories made with your own hands, is not only unique, with them we can highlight the special character of modern woman, but they are fashionable accessory without which can’t imagine any woman. Accessories made with your own hands are made with original approach and most importantly with desire to be original and unique. Accessories made with your own hands can be made from different materials beads, sequins, rhinestones large and small, oilcloth, leather, fur, wood, feathers etc. But before buying your favorite beads or sequins should consider whether the supplement will match with clothes you have. Accessories do not have to shine, they can do and from thread, knitted, they will look nice, is important to have a wardrobe that suits with them.diy accessories braceletsdiy accessories bracelets diy fashion accessories 1diy fashion hair accessoriesdiy fashion accessoriesdiy fashion hair accessories 1diy necklace accessoriesfashionbeautynews DIY-Project-Idea-Tutorial-Fabric-Wrapped-Wrap-Bracelet-Jewelry-Craft-Five-Minute-Easy-FashionDIY-Utility-Rope-Necklacefashionbeautynewsfashionbeautynews 1fashionbeautynews 3How-To-Make-Braided-gold-pearl-jewelry-Necklace-step-by-step-DIY-tutorial-instructionsHow-To-Make-Clay-Beads-Collar-like-jewelry-step-by-step-DIY-tutorialwoven-fabric-bracelet-featureZipper-Bracelet-Cuff

Men’s Pea Coats in a Nutshell

Pea coat, like many other hard hitters in popular fashion, owes its origin to military designs. It stands right up there with the ever renowned fashion icons like the Aviator, trench coat and so on. The pea coat stands out with its double breasted nature, slash pockets and broad lapels. It has stood the test of time over many decades and is still standing strong, even though the design has barely deviated from the original form. The appeal of the pea coat lies in its versatility. It can be both the perfect weekend coat and can provide a special elegance and classiness at the same time.

Vito Wool Peacoat

Pea Coats for men

pea coat

How to wear the pea coat

As with any other iconic dress piece, the pea coat has to be worn the right way or it’s going to wave over more to the fashion disaster side. Sported right, the Pea coat can ooze style like none other.

  1. First thing to note is that the pea coat is an outer layer. All other clothes should be present under it. Only things that should extrude from it are the accessories and nothing else.
  2. Length is an important criterion when buying the pea coat. The length of the pea coat should be such that it reaches just below the hip, except for maybe the naval coat, which is slightly longer than the typical pea coat.
  3. When wearing a pea coat, it may be useful to remember that the coat was originally designed for the navy; it was built for the high seas. So, the coat has to be buttoned up to radiate the intended appeal of the pea coat. The buttons are what gives the pea coat the iconic hourglass look.
  4. Always buy the smallest pea coat which you can fit in, because a pea coat which is too big for you will make you seem like you’re packing a few pounds extra. Always try on the pea coat at the store to determine the right size before taking it home.

Peacoat Style

Wool Peacoat

Pea Coats in a Nutshell

An authentic pea coat always looks more fashionable. It has higher arm holes and is made of 24oz wool. The classic is boxier with lower arm holes, shorter sleeves and being overall shorter.

Extra stuff to know about the pea coat

  • Remember to not machine wash or iron a pea coat but dry clean only. Even though people tend to wash their wool coats to soften them up, this might not be the best idea.
  • Often someone confuses a pea coat with a car coat. It is very much distinguishable in that a car coat is single breasted and thigh length unlike the pea coat.
  • Be careful to buy good quality fabric coats, because if the wool content is less than 80%, the coat tends to give a lackluster appearance.
  • Even a small change in button placement, length, color size, lapel size, material,     cut, notch gap size or any additional stylizations can drastically change the look of your pea coat.

Brown Peacoat

khaki pea coat

Vintage Wool Peacoat

Wool Pea Coat

Men's Dock Worker Pea Coat

Lanvin peacoat


What makes the pea coat transcend time barriers is its versatility: it can be worn by young and old alike, can be worn over as t-shirt and looks just as good over a shirt and even another coat can be worn under it. It can be said to be a must have in every man’s wardrobe.

Armani: Wear Your Style On Your Wrist

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are that you’re well aware of the design phenomenon that is the Italian fashion house Armani. Having long established themselves as a household name, this brand is well known for its wide range of trendy products, not least of which are their designer watches.

Armani watches are made to suit a variety of purposes— you can don these for special occasions, with everyday corporate wear, and even for outdoor adventures. All these watches have one element in common— they are all designed to complement and enhance your personal style.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Armani watches on Ethos, their features, and how they can increase your style quotient.

Emporio Armani Meccanico Men’s Watch (AR4207)

Emporio Armani’s Meccanico range exemplifies beautiful design. Described by the brand as a “seamless blend of mechanical innovation and timeless style,” this line of watches is one that blends technical finesse with great functionality.


The watch, as its name suggests, features a self-winding mechanism— this means that the movement of your hands is what drives the watch. Such engineering brilliance isn’t all there is to this watch though; the watch also scores on aesthetics. Being an Italian brand, looks are expected, and Armani delivers on this front— the back of the watch is tastefully open to view, and this gives the watch great visual appeal.

The watch has a rectangular Art Deco dial with stainless steel casing, a stainless steel strap, and a beige textured dial. It is an indispensable accessory for the man that has an impeccable style and a taste for the classics.

Emporio Armani Classic Men’s Watch (AR2448)

This design is a must-have for any refined wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your clean-cut corporate look or to dress casually for a party, this is the watch you need— it has a cutting edge design that is sure to appeal to all horology enthusiasts.


The watch features the simple round stainless steel dial and a stainless steel metallic strap. But the details that went into construction of the watch are what makes it so special— it has a navy blue face that gives it great aesthetic appeal, and the stainless steel strap actually contains elements of both polished steel and brushed steel.

Beyond its outward appearance, the watch also has some great functions. Along with the expected three sub-dials, the watch also has a date window. Given these features and its all-around looks, this watch is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a timepiece for all occasions.

Emporio Armani Ceramica Women’s Watch (AR1486)

Being one of the world’s top manufacturers of fashionable clothes and accessories, Emporio Armani delivers the goods in their imitable style with this model from their Ceramica range. This watch showcases the manufacturer’s penchant for impressive design, combining elegance with pragmatic features.


This design approach is showcased by its colour scheme, as the rose gold accents only highlight the stark beauty of the watch – classy, and by no means flashy. The round casing houses a stylish white face with rose gold hands and details. The rose gold crown is a graceful touch.

Emporio Armani Gianni Women’s Watch (AR1909)

This is a relatively recent addition to the Italian manufacturer’s impressive collection of watches for women. This watch epitomises the beauty and appeal of rose gold, and this colour is prevalent throughout its parts, covering both the casing and the metal strap.


Feminine and elegant, the design is one of the best examples of Armani’s work. The glossy mother of pearl dial is sure to turn heads, and it perfectly complements the aesthete of the watch.

You can couple this timepiece with formal as well as casual clothing to add a dash of metallic polish to any ensemble.

Emporio Armani Ceramica Men’s Watch (AR1492)

Even with the high standards set by the Ceramica range, this watch brings a unique element to the table. This monochrome stunner is suitable for both formal as well as casual occasions.


It features a stark white chronograph face that contrasts beautifully with the matte black metallic strap. Additionally, the watch is also water resistant for up to 50 metres.

If you’re looking for a striking watch that isn’t flashy or garish, this is the one for you.x`

Fashion Accessories

How often we hear criticism over one’s outfit: the accessories spoil one’s dress, the accessories highlights one’s beauty. Accessories are indeed mustn’t be overlooked for one’s outfit. So now you must carefully choose your fashion accesories so that you can pull various looks from people you meet. The first thing you must pay attention to is shoes. Flat ones for your jeans outfit will be convenient for a shopping season but do not ever use them for a dinner in an expensive restaurant: high heels will be more appropriate.

How about the bag? This one is also as important as your dress and shoes. It is a statement of your character and taste. There are various designs for bags so that you can choose which one appropriate for each occasion. For the jewelry section, you need not to be over-worried: whether real or imitation, the main point is that your jewels must perfectly fit with your dress. Keep it simple but always in tune with your dress style and colors. Don’t forget the same principle is applied to for the hats. Put the right hat on your head so that you can show people that you are a competent-fashion person.

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