To the fashion forward, a fashion statement can only be a statement if it is complete. Fashion is like a statement or a sentence. A sentence needs to have a subject, verb and article or prepositions. Sometimes, there are ‘add-ons” in order to make the statement more appealing such as the adjectives or the adverb.

“The cat eats,” is an example of a sentence. It has a subject which is the ‘cat’, a verb which is ‘eats’, and an article which is ‘the’. The statement is already complete but can be further enhanced. Consider this example: The fluffy cat eats hastily. The addition of an adjective- which is fluffy, and the word ‘hastily’ which is an adverb, ‘dressed up’ the sentence and made it more appealing.

A fashion statement needs to be like the second example of a sentence. The reason why there is an added ‘statement’ in the word fashion, because it is not a fashion with the basic clothing, say a pair of jeans and a matching blouse. A fashion statement needs to produce the added factor of the adverb and the adjective, such as those in the second example. The basic clothing will only become a fashion statement with the addition of accessories.

collection of fashion accessories

Accessories are the icing on the cake. They are the gourmet effect to food. They are the toppings in a regular ice cream. In short, accessories make the fashion more appealing and more exciting for the fashion lover. There has not been a fashion statement that became successful without its accessories in the headlines.

Consider every icon on the red carpet like the Hollywood A-listers. Angelina Jolie will always be remembered wearing the flowing black dress with an astonishing pair of emerald drop earrings. How about Natalie Portman? Sandra Bullock? Julia Roberts? Anne Hathaway? All of these stars wow on the red carpet with a very strong fashion statement which is given a stronger appeal because of their accessories.

The importance of accessories in fashion is more than what meets the eye. Accesories can also be a reflection of the personality of the one who is wearing it. Is she extravagant or parsimonious? Is she gentle or outrageous? Is she elegant or quirky?

Accessories can also at times, alter the prevailing fashion theme. If the accessory does not fit a clothing piece, guess what will be changed? No, not the accessories. Ladies, do you resound?

These are basically the reasons why ladies spend a great amount of money investing on a pair of earrings or a necklace. It is not surprising anymore that a whole paycheck of an executive will be spent on a bracelet or the latest hand bag.

It is also not surprising to note that it is not just the money who is spent on a single accessory. Most of the time, essential hours are spent looking for the perfect accessory to wear on a gala or a banquet.

That is the power accessories have in fashion and to the people wearing them.