Shop fashion accessories on JungleeAren’t there many fashion accessories that go a long way? From ancestral jewels to trendy accessories, there’s a whole lot not to trade. As the years go by, we save our precious treasures and discard the ones not in use. Here’s a quick look into fashion trinkets that never run of trend but are an asset to keep, and if you don’t have your share, Junglee has them all!

Textured Scarves

Scarves never ever go out of fashion. It’s the perfect fix to a casual attire to give it an instant formal lift. Silk scarves and printed scarves are a must-have in any woman’s cupboard. There are great varieties of scarves available on Junglee to make your search easy.

Bold Clutches

Clutches of any kind are an asset to any woman’s cupboard. They can completely glitz up the look of the whole attire. Ornate clutches are a great combination with Indian ensembles as well as Western ones to glam things up.

Chic Hats

Make a statement with your look everywhere you go! Be it brunches or shopping, hats are always handy.

Thin Belts

Thin belts either plain or embellished give your ensemble a sophisticated edge. Be it dresses or shirts, these belts give your personality a classy shift. There is a great array of belts available on Junglee to make it easier.

Metallic Watches

Be it silver, gold or rhodium, metallic watches complete the whole look of an attire. They can be paired with formal or casual clothes to accentuate the outfit. There are phenomenal brands like Guess, Titan, Kennith Cole and DKNY available on Junglee with an elaborate collection.


Wayfarers, aviators or vintage frames, sunglasses are not just a fashion statement but also a great cover for the eyes from harmful sunrays. Confine your choices to frames that suit the shape of your face.

Perfect Pumps

A perfect pair of pumps is your answer to parties and weddings! It can be best matched with well-fitted pants, skirts and dresses. Nude coloured pumps are the latest highlight to your elegant gowns.
Make your sourcing easy, Junglee has a great collection to choose from to make your cupboard complete, and don’t forget, to stay stylish!