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5 Best Sneakers for men’s

The craze of white sneakers can infiltrate your cabinet and has reached the marketplace.

Footwear brands have included the minimal sneaker look with design finishes that were surprising. Strange thing, a fresh accession to the sneaker market, amplified the white high top with three broad velcro straps.

This year you will be seeing more of them than normal using the style world re-including its possible at designers and all the recent shows from Nyc to Milan adding new styles for their groups.

From classic layouts that have hardly changed for over 50 years and take their cues from first tennis shoes, to more modern, ‘high-end’ fashions discovered at the higher priced end of the spectrum, there tend to be more choices here than before.

  1. Dress down Formal

Not everybody has got the assurance to wear white sneakers using a suit or blazer. However, it could be an excellent solution to dampen an official ensemble, as done here with this particular broken up double-breasted jacket. Can work with everything!

Grey Sneakers

sneakers style

  1. Socks-less summer

The white sneakers come into its own, when sunlight is revealed and could be paired with shorts or as it does on the shore, turned up pants to get a sockless look that also functions in town. Works particularly well with canvas that is classic layouts from the likes of Vans and Superga.



Mens Shoes

  1. Urban Casual

Another way to achieve a casual comfortable yet stylish attire with white sneakers is combined them with lounge pants. And, you will be ready to take street-style at a new level. You can even pair it with rugged denim and pastel colored T-shirts or shirts for some different urban casual appearance.

Urban Casual Shoes

urban sneaker man

  1. Attaining the smooth modern look

The minimalist power of a plain white sneakers makes an ideal comparison in material and color into a somewhat smart casual ensemble like gray wool pants. Masters of the modern, tidy, minimalist way of white running shoes contain layouts that are expensive but enjoyable from French label or New York brand Common Projects, that have taken the modest sneaker that is white with their stripped-back, never-altering layout into a higher plain lately.

  1. Classic Waspy look

If it worked for James Dean and Steve McQueen, then it is likely a formula worth duplication. Couple some Converse Chuck Taylors or Jack Purcells with some classic chinos or dark denim along with a basic tee to get a classic ‘weekend’ appearance that isn’t only for when you are in your twenties.

Classic Waspy look

Top 5 Brands in White Sneakers for men’s

  1. Vans
  2. Adidas
  3. Nike
  4. Puma
  5. Converse

No matter how clumsy you are with your wardrobe or in following latest trends, it is better to have you are an excellent pair of white sneakers. The best thing about these white sneakers is:

  1. They are attention grabbing
  2. They can easily go with any look whether formal or casual or somewhere in between of both

Above mentioned are 5 Best Sneakers for men’s that you should follow this season.

Choosing Right Accessories with your Dresses

It is always important that you match your dress with the right accessory. A miss-match would really look awkward. So, when you go out and choose some accessory for your new dress, all you need is a small piece of advice. Just read here and find out what mistakes you could have made if you would not have come across these set of words. Just be careful while choosing the right accessories for your dresses. Here’s some advice for you.

Womens Fashion Accessories

How to Choose the Right Accessories?

1. Choosing fashion jewelry: There are so many things that would be included in the field of fashion jewelry. This would include bracelets, chain, bangles, ear rings, finger rings and so on. There would be lot of things you may get tempted to buy. But you must find out your exact budget first. Now, based on that create some list that will help you take the right decision. You can buy the fashion jewelry based on the color of your dresses. Also, you should create a sense of contrast when needed. Also, while choosing the jewelry you must think of the occasion and the dress that you are wearing. Some jewelry help you look gorgeous and some make you look casual and playful. So, take the decision accordingly.

2. Choosing the right handbag: You must be careful while making the selection of the handbags too. If you are a woman with short stature then perhaps short handbags would look good on you. For those who are tall or wearing heels, there would be longer one to suit. If the color of the dress and the handbag would match a bit then this can create a sense of good color combination. It would look nice and complementing too. For office going ladies, tote bag is a must buy. For those have to go to parties, clutch bag does look smart and classy. There are many different forms of handbags available. Just make sure that you are buying the right one for the right purpose.

3. Choosing the right pair of shoes: while choosing the right pair of shoes for your dresses you must first be well planned as to what dress you are wearing. Heeled shoes go well with the formal clothing. If it’s a jeans then flat shoes would look smart. If you don’t want to stuff the shoe rack with different colored shoes then you can go for some neutral and basic colors that would go along with any of your dresses.  While buying the shoes be very careful and see to it that you have bought the shoes with right fit. If you buy too tight shoes then that would irritate you and it would show up in your moods too.

We hope that now you know Choosing Right Accessories with your Dresses is really an important thing. But we take these things so casually. It is important to therefore plan out things well in advance. Then only you can get things of your choice. Otherwise, you may end up messing up things at the last moment.


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