When one hears “fashion accessories”, it is difficult not to think of women’s fashion accessories: earrings, necklaces, bags, shoes, scarves, belts, hats etc. Men’s fashion accessories tend to be overlooked, yet they are enjoying an ever-growing popularity, especially of the luxurious kind. Not only are they nice to look at, luxury accessories also make great gifts for men of all ages and persuasions. The need to look smart is now being emphasized not only in the workplace, but during leisure time also. So not only do men need accessories, they need a wide range to suit all contexts and outfits.


Designer cufflinks are a case in point. One would certainly expect to see them applied to a formal suit at a wedding for example. But if you intend to don the best suit money can buy then you should certainly avoid finishing it off with high street trinkets. Sterling silver cufflinks, perhaps with a mother of pearl inlay, will compliment a gentleman’s formal suit. For work, try to find cufflinks that match your ties – many striped patterned varieties are available. If you are after versatility, then you can’t go wrong with an onyx centre – the black hue adaptable to any style. Driving gloves are an excellent gift for someone special but make sure they have a car – if not, then a passion for shooting! For a gentleman who is precious about his fashion, only leather driving gloves will suffice. A simple design with a stud fastening is a classic yet stylish look. Both practical and trendy, driving gloves are a must have for the modern gentleman – check out Crombie’s great collection.

Finally, if you are looking to assert some individuality into your look, you can’t go wrong with a trendy knitted tie. Currently making a comeback, knitted ties are the ultimate weapon in the war against what to wear, especially to an event that doesn’t know if it is formal or casual or a bit of both. You can wear a knitted tie with most outfits and they inject a little fun into what could be a particularly mundane style.