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Armani: Wear Your Style On Your Wrist

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are that you’re well aware of the design phenomenon that is the Italian fashion house Armani. Having long established themselves as a household name, this brand is well known for its wide range of trendy products, not least of which are their designer watches.

Armani watches are made to suit a variety of purposes— you can don these for special occasions, with everyday corporate wear, and even for outdoor adventures. All these watches have one element in common— they are all designed to complement and enhance your personal style.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Armani watches on Ethos, their features, and how they can increase your style quotient.

Emporio Armani Meccanico Men’s Watch (AR4207)

Emporio Armani’s Meccanico range exemplifies beautiful design. Described by the brand as a “seamless blend of mechanical innovation and timeless style,” this line of watches is one that blends technical finesse with great functionality.


The watch, as its name suggests, features a self-winding mechanism— this means that the movement of your hands is what drives the watch. Such engineering brilliance isn’t all there is to this watch though; the watch also scores on aesthetics. Being an Italian brand, looks are expected, and Armani delivers on this front— the back of the watch is tastefully open to view, and this gives the watch great visual appeal.

The watch has a rectangular Art Deco dial with stainless steel casing, a stainless steel strap, and a beige textured dial. It is an indispensable accessory for the man that has an impeccable style and a taste for the classics.

Emporio Armani Classic Men’s Watch (AR2448)

This design is a must-have for any refined wardrobe. Whether you’re looking to accentuate your clean-cut corporate look or to dress casually for a party, this is the watch you need— it has a cutting edge design that is sure to appeal to all horology enthusiasts.


The watch features the simple round stainless steel dial and a stainless steel metallic strap. But the details that went into construction of the watch are what makes it so special— it has a navy blue face that gives it great aesthetic appeal, and the stainless steel strap actually contains elements of both polished steel and brushed steel.

Beyond its outward appearance, the watch also has some great functions. Along with the expected three sub-dials, the watch also has a date window. Given these features and its all-around looks, this watch is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a timepiece for all occasions.

Emporio Armani Ceramica Women’s Watch (AR1486)

Being one of the world’s top manufacturers of fashionable clothes and accessories, Emporio Armani delivers the goods in their imitable style with this model from their Ceramica range. This watch showcases the manufacturer’s penchant for impressive design, combining elegance with pragmatic features.


This design approach is showcased by its colour scheme, as the rose gold accents only highlight the stark beauty of the watch – classy, and by no means flashy. The round casing houses a stylish white face with rose gold hands and details. The rose gold crown is a graceful touch.

Emporio Armani Gianni Women’s Watch (AR1909)

This is a relatively recent addition to the Italian manufacturer’s impressive collection of watches for women. This watch epitomises the beauty and appeal of rose gold, and this colour is prevalent throughout its parts, covering both the casing and the metal strap.


Feminine and elegant, the design is one of the best examples of Armani’s work. The glossy mother of pearl dial is sure to turn heads, and it perfectly complements the aesthete of the watch.

You can couple this timepiece with formal as well as casual clothing to add a dash of metallic polish to any ensemble.

Emporio Armani Ceramica Men’s Watch (AR1492)

Even with the high standards set by the Ceramica range, this watch brings a unique element to the table. This monochrome stunner is suitable for both formal as well as casual occasions.


It features a stark white chronograph face that contrasts beautifully with the matte black metallic strap. Additionally, the watch is also water resistant for up to 50 metres.

If you’re looking for a striking watch that isn’t flashy or garish, this is the one for you.x`

Fashion Accessories

How often we hear criticism over one’s outfit: the accessories spoil one’s dress, the accessories highlights one’s beauty. Accessories are indeed mustn’t be overlooked for one’s outfit. So now you must carefully choose your fashion accesories so that you can pull various looks from people you meet. The first thing you must pay attention to is shoes. Flat ones for your jeans outfit will be convenient for a shopping season but do not ever use them for a dinner in an expensive restaurant: high heels will be more appropriate.

How about the bag? This one is also as important as your dress and shoes. It is a statement of your character and taste. There are various designs for bags so that you can choose which one appropriate for each occasion. For the jewelry section, you need not to be over-worried: whether real or imitation, the main point is that your jewels must perfectly fit with your dress. Keep it simple but always in tune with your dress style and colors. Don’t forget the same principle is applied to for the hats. Put the right hat on your head so that you can show people that you are a competent-fashion person.

Five Best Fashion Options for Big Men

When you’re a big guy, whether vertically or horizontally, it can be difficult to always find fashionable clothes that are large and in charge. But just because you’re built like a brick-house doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your style. Thankfully, when done properly, there are a few current trends and classic looks that will make just about any guy look and feel great.


Sweaters are very much in vogue right now and we’ve mentioned some of our favourite knitwear before. However, we’d also like to note that classic cable knit sweaters and oversized pullovers are all the rage and an essential staple of any man’s wardrobe. When it comes to knitwear this season, bigger is better for both boys and girls, so get comfy next time you’re looking for something to wear on a cold day.

NBA or NFL Throwback Jersey

The thing about a good throwback jersey is that they’re comfortable and, depending on your choice of team/player, can make a statement about the wearer. Football and basketball fashions lend themselves well to big guys as the jerseys are designed for some of the biggest dudes on the planet. The NFL and NBA have never been more popular and with teams like the Golden State Warriors and Carolina Panthers enjoying historically great seasons, it’s the perfect time to get in touch with your inner sports star.

Portrait of business man reads news on tablet while standing in city financial street, adult man reading messages, stylish fat man with sunglasses using internet at sunny day outdoors, flare light

Sharp Suits

Speaking of NFL players and fashion, Hall of Famer Michael Strahan released his own line of suits for larger men, which is a godsend if you’re more than two meters tall. Finding suits that are not only affordable but tailored to look good on a larger frame can be difficult. However, when you find a tailor that can work with you and your size, hold onto them because they are worth their weight in gold.


Hear us out, camo is more than just something for hunters and outdoorsmen. The military print has been featured in the latest Yeezy line by Kanye West and remains a street-style staple with designers such as A Bathing Ape. Best of all is that camo actually does a great job of helping to make a statement while still looking stylish when worn properly. While we don’t recommend wearing hunting gear about town, there are plenty of great coats and camo colourways displayed on this site that can expand your wardrobe and add some flair to any ensemble.


For men with big feet, finding fashionable footwear is a task that is easier said than done. Those who have passed that magical threshold of the 13.5 size have probably experienced the inability of being able to find their favourite shoes in their size. Or, they’ve gotten a pair only to have them comically resemble clown shoes. Luckily, a great pair of Chelsea or desert boots scale up in size remarkably well, and they can easily pair well with casual outfits or a good suit.

With these five tips in mind, you’ll be looking sharper and feeling more confident in no time. Happy shopping.

How Important a Pool Repair Service Is

Summer is coming near. A swimming pool is a good facility during the hot season. It’s both luxurious and useful. Despite the benefits of the pool, the owners should pay attention to its condition. Having a pool takes a responsibility. In some cases, they need to hire a pool repair Surprise service. All types of pool require proper maintenance and cleaning. Ignorance may cause lots of problems over time. Some people think that simple debris cleaning is enough. They are wrong.

A Proper Maintenance is required

As there are many parts of the pool, it takes much time to clean. Instead of wasting energy and time, the owners should call in an expert. Professional pool cleaning and maintenance services are able to do the job in an efficient manner. They also have good pool service kits. On top of that, they have the experience. For those who live in Arizona, Pelican Bay Pools becomes a good partner when it comes to pool servicing. Not only they are experienced, they also have a good reputation.

Once the pool owners call in the expert, they get a clearer and more comfortable pool. Professional pool services take care of the entire tasks. They also check the chemicals balance of the water. Overall, they do the whole chores. They may inspect whether or not any problems. Remember, broken tiles and leakage can lead to more severe issues. If left untreated, more issues may come. Most of the owners don’t have ample experience, though. They need a help from professionals.

Why Should Hire an Expert?

Private swimming pools don’t require frequent cleaning. On the other hand, community pools must be inspected at short intervals. In both cases, a professional pool repair Surprise is needed. Many public places and houses build a pool. How will take care of those pools? It seems tiring if the owners do the job alone. Therefore, they prefer to hire a pool cleaner rather than perform DIY pool cleaning. With a help from professional cleaners, they can save much time and effort.

Pool repair also becomes a big task. It requires both skills and knowledge. Even though the owners have some experience, they don’t have good tools to complete the task. This can be a burdensome job for the pool owners. Why don’t they hire a pool repair specialist instead? Professional services have adequate manpower and tools. That means the job becomes simpler and more satisfying. The only question is related to the option of services.

Where should they hire a pool repair service? If they live in Surprise Arizona, they can trust a reliable pool repair Surprise service like Pelican Bay Pools. It has both affordable price and high-quality pool services. It helps pool owners regardless of the issues. As the result, the pool is ready for summer. There will be many friends visiting the house. Having a well-maintained pool is a good thing. On the other hand, visitors won’t feel comfortable. It’s a shame for the owners.

Well-Maintained Pool Gives More Benefits

There are many reasons why the pool should have a proper maintenance. For instance, it’s for the sake of health. Dirty water and damaged pool are bad for swimmers. The pool becomes useless and dangerous. Negligence only leads to disappointments. Just because hiring a pool repair costs some money, doesn’t mean it’s useless. As long as the pool owners choose the right service, they can get the best results. Due to this reason, a proper review prior to hiring is compulsory.

First of all, they must do their research before pay any pool repair company. The simplest solution is to ask for some references. There are families and friends. These are trustworthy sources of information. Also, the pool owners can look for reviews on the internet. A thorough review is needed. Clients shouldn’t rely only on their instincts. The point is that not all pool services are reliable. Don’t waste the money on poor quality pool repair companies. These bad people only look for money.

Apart from reliability, it’s also important to think about the location. Those who live in Arizona should trust professional pool repair Surprise services. As a reference, there’s Pelican Bay Pools. They have sufficient experiences and proper tools. They won’t disappoint the clients. No worries. They are a licensed company. They have been in this industry for years. Not to mention they are quite popular in Surprise, Arizona.


PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit!

Every Fashionistas out there are fascinated in different accessories, or anything that makes them look amazingly beautiful, stylish and highly fashionable in their own ways. However, fashionistas isn’t all into designer and over expensive shopping splurges, they shop with their kindness of spirit. On the otherhand, PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit that fashionistas will highly approve it’s fashionable varieties and goal!

PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit!

PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit!


PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit! This Joan Goodman’s creations are Absolutely amazing! 20% of their profit goes to their chosen charities like The Climate Project, Give a Girl a Chance, and the Natural Resources Defense Council(Save The Planet, Brightness of Life, and Arctic Awareness Collections). PONO designs specific accessories for their charities that is really cool, YES, PONO Saves The World Yet Still in Fashion!

PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit!

PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit!


Now, that’s what real fashionistas dig, fashion with heart. Everyday is a Season for PONO Hearts helping out people in need wherever they are in the World. Whether animals, environment, and people…They are there, that is why PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit! That what styling is all about, STYLE with SPIRIT! New York origin PONO have conquered the market through over 300 stores across the globe and online, from small boutiques like Henri Bendel’s and Kitson’s to larger chain stores like Anthropologie and Bloomingdale’s to online sites like Astley Clarke and Love and Pride Jewelry.

PONO Fashion Accessories is High In Style & Spirit!


“Furthermore, PONO been receiving a steady line of celebrity customers that include the likes of Julianne Moore, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, and Hilary Swank.”

Men Fashion Accessories For Perfect Look

Dressing with right sense in only for women even men can think a lot about their dressing style and choose their desirable fashion in many ways. Dressing makes a man perfect not only with their outfits even with their accessories, gadgets and more. Everyone wants to be unique in their dressing style which incites more women to catch their eyes on the person. Some men gives more importance for their way of dressing, some pay more attention on accessories and gadgets. Accessories are best adding ons to make you unique which include watches, coolers, attractive shoes, belts, chains etc. Whether you like to dress up formal or informal the thing is you need to feel comfortable when you wear the dress.

Street Style Men

Street Style Men

Jeans- gaining popularity in fashion world

When think about the casual wear for men jeans and t-shirt is the priority choice of teens and even all groups. The perfect way of dressing shows more about you and your style which enhance even more beauty. Wearing cooler, accessories, watch and chain with jean and t-shirt is more attractive for women and tempts everyone to keep eye on you.



Find out the best costume which brings perfect look and makes you unique look. However the look of wearing jean with t-shirt is perfect for informal event like music converts, and get outs. Ensure about unbutton the first few on shirt which tempts more person to see you and never puts on the first few buttons when you puts then it will be out of trends and does not match with current style. While choosing the dress make sure whether it fits to your personality and which is good way to impress women in their mind. For casual style even you can add blazer but make sure about choosing the hues which gives pleasant look.

men’s fashion

men’s fashion

If you moving out with lady for dinner in luxury restaurant then suit will perfect, give some care while choosing hues prefer for darker colors like black, navy blue even you wear this with or without tie but basically it depends upon the place where you choose to move, because some places have certain dress codes so look for that before dressing. You can look for shirt to put inside the suit which should be light in cooler and that will be suitable with dark suit. Don’t forget to wear shoes for all kind of formal wear and it should be dark color so that matches with suit anytime.

Chucks Joggers

Chucks Joggers

Summer Style

Summer Style

Men fashionable watches –enhance look of men

Wearing the right style of watch in hand will show the person unique even in any crowd. Men fashion based watches enhance the beauty of men so do some searches about the fashionable watches through online sites which perfects with your clothing. You can shop the trendy and coolest collection of watches online from the shopping sites and they are available in variety of prices and even you can find accessories online and before start spending money on that get updates with trend and style of accessories before shopping. Make use of the reviews about the men’s fashions accessories and watches online.

Men Watches

Men Watches

Fashionable Watches

Fashionable Watches

Understand the current style of men’s fashion

Everyone likes to fashionable men not only women because of drastic change in the fashion world over few years the changes are tremendous in the fashion and means start to paint their nails, even they wear rings on eyebrows, and on chins. Then sticking tattoos in various parts of body is still increasing popular but need to update with the fashion. Before getting in to fashion just understand what it is and that’s what you make it. If you want to be fashionable person then need to understand the various styles of fashion which figures out in unique style. Unlike old these days men’s also paving more importance for fashion and style. Numerous choices of dresses and accessories which help to visualize with better look. Jacket is also one of favorite of men costumes which keeps you warm and it’s enhance the best part of body like chest, six pack if you have. Wearing the jacket with half zipped open will good to show off your chest and so that impresses people to see you more.

Mens Summer Suit

Mens Summer Suit

street style

street style

Men’s fashion accessories can be purchase through online

Technology is advanced and hits sky rocketing in popular and millions of people love to shop online because of convenience and comfortable to shop online without hassles. However there is misconception that women only to shop online for fashionable accessories even men too like the trend of fashion and spend more time and money on choosing the various style of dresses, accessories, gadgets which enhance their style.

Men Fashion Accessories

Men Fashion Accessories

It easy to search about the men’s fashion websites online and loads of products available for men and do quick search on the search engine and find the best shopping site and start your shopping online and keep yourself updated with current men’s fashion.

5 Freelance Writing Experts On How To Get High Paying Clients

As a freelance writer, it is extremely important to get the right kind of clients. Clients who pay less for a lot of work with strict timelines tend to constrict writers creativity. Churning out work with less time compromises on its quality and leaves both the writer and client less satisfied. Getting clients who pay at the market rate and who allow creative flexibility is difficult but not impossible. Having fewer high paying clients than many low paying ones allow a writer to concentrate on quality and deliver work to the best of his/her potential. You can find such clients on, a site where both writers and clients collaborate to create good content.


Here are 5 writing experts that will help you get high paying clients.

Communication with the client: – Before writing content for a client you must understand the organisations goal and the content you want to relay. Writing becomes on point and much easier once you know your target. For instance, if a client is a video maker and wants to convince businesses to hire him, your content should mention the marketing strategy and benefits of including videos on a website.

Finding clients that outsource: – Finding the right company which may not have the resources to hire a full time content specialist but is willing to outsource content through freelance writing is the key. These companies are willing to pay writers on a monthly basis for fresh content every month. That way it’s a mutual benefit situation

Create your own writing brand: – By that I mean create your own blog. Having an active blog shows you as a resource for content. Show that you write for high traffic sites and there is high demand for your content writing.

Marketing solutions pinned to a whiteboard

Market your writing: – Provide your clients with your portfolio. Market your marketing skills. Prove to your clients how your work created more leads and led to increase in conversion and sales of a previous client. Get testimonials from your previous clients on your blog. Have presentations where you can speak confidently about your brand knowledge and ideas for creating leads.

Networking and Reference: – Once you enter a particular business circle, networking will help you attract more clients. Most business work on references and doing good work for one client might get two others referred to you. Networking with other writers is also an adjunct wherein you may get referred for work they can’t handle on a commission basis.


Join writer hubs: – It’s wise to keep abreast of your competition. It will keep you updated about the market rates and reputations of various high paying clients. is one such organisation you can join.

Fashion Accessories: What They Include

Are you interested in updating your appearance, at least in terms of your fashion? If you are, you may not only want to examine the latest in fashion trends, as far as clothing, but you may also want to examine the latest trends in fashion accessories Fashion accessories are rapidly increasing in popularity, although many still do not know exactly what they are.

When it comes to fashion accessories, you will find that a number of different products are included. Fashion accessories, like fashion clothing pieces, come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles. There are fashion accessories that are designed for children, teens, men, women, petite sized, and plus sized individuals. A few of the many fashion pieces that you may want to examine at one of you local fashion stores or online are outlined below.

One of the most well known fashion accessory types is that of jewelry. As it was previously mentioned, fashion accessories are designed for all different types of individuals, regardless of age or gender. For teenagers and children, fashion jewelry pieces that are popular often include colorful pieces, as well as charm necklaces or charm bracelets. In terms of men, a popular piece of jewelry often includes large pendant necklaces, many of which display a cross or another popular or meaningful symbol. As for women, popular pieces of fashion jewelry include earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so forth.

fashionacc3Another type of fashion accessory that you may be interested in owning is a purse or a handbag. Teens and women most commonly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag that is smaller or compact in size and handbags are often a little bit larger. Handbags and purses come in a number of different styles; therefore, it is common for many women and teens to own more than one purse or handbag. In fact, many individuals out there like to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the clothing that they wear.

In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags are often considered a fashion accessory. Travel bags are similar to purses and handbags, but you will find that they are often designed for both women and for men. A travel bag may include a small bag that can be used as a carryon bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case and so forth.

shoes1Shoes are also considered a fashion accessory, although many do not necessarily consider them to be. Most often, women’s shoes are associated as fashion accessories, as opposed to men’s shoes. One of the reasons for that is due the large selection of women’s shoe types that you can find available for sale. For instance, it is more than possible to find athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so forth. As with handbags and purses, many women own multiple pairs of shoes and many try to coordinate their shoes, especially for work, with the rest of their ensemble.

Another one of the many different types of fashion accessories available for purchase are that of belts. For many men and boys, belts are not necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they are a way to hold pants up; however, the same doesn’t really ring true for women. Women’s belts come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles. That is one of the reasons why women?s belts and belts that may be designed for children and for teens are often referred to as fashion accessories. There are belts out there that are designed for wearing with a casual pair of jeans, as well as a pair of traditional kaki pants for work.

Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and shoes are just a few of the many fashion accessories that you may be able to find for sale at one of our local fashion stores or even online. As a reminder, fashion accessories are a great way to spice up any wardrobe, especially one that could use an updating.

Enhance You Complete Look By Wearing Fashion Accessories

Currently every people like to stay in fashion, and they need to get more fashionable items through online to enhance their look. When come to fashion people like to pick their own choices, they can find the fashionable items based on their self-expression. Online stores offer endless fashionable items and there is extensive range of fashion accessories  available. At present most of the youngsters prefer the fashion accessories to add more style; even it is the best choices to enhance their personality.


Excusive Fashion Accessories:

In order to select the trendiest fashion accessories consider our online store because we always offer wide range of fashion accessories for both men and women. All the fashion accessories created by the fashion stylist, so you can easily impress others by wearing the fashion accessories.  Online stores offers trendy line of fashion, like you can get fashionable cloths and suitable accessories to get elegant look, if you interested to get beautiful look always consider  Daraz shopping, even online stores also offer many discounts offers. In addition multiple payment solutions available so you can easily pick the right choices to get most suitable fashion accessories.

Fashion Accessoriess

Endless Choices:

The online store committed to offer stylish range of fashion accessories for both men and women, so you can get promo code for Daraz by visiting online store.  There are different choices available when come to choose fashion accessories, choosing the fashion accessories help to look sharp as well as stylish.  The right selection of fashion accessories also offer great look to you rather than it is the best way to get unique look. In general everyone like to choose most suitable fashion accessories based on their needs, especially women, by visiting the online store every people have chances to discover daily deals  to get great experience.


Cost Effectiveness:

In order to choose the suitable fashion accessories you may consider the reputed online store, because it is the convenient way to find the most beautiful as well as gorgeous accessories. Choosing fashion accessories through online is highly convenient as well as feasible, rather than online stores offer for Daraz at to save your money, moreover online offer different styles as well as design of the fashion accessories, so you can spot the most suitable items. At the same time online provides different opportunities to get appropriate fashion accessories, so you can find the most suitable accessories to get impressive look.

fashion aa

Latest Collections:

In general the fashion accessories available at low cost so you no need to spend much money to get the fashion accessories, due to this most of the people prefer the fashion accessories. Wearing fashion accessories also offer great style as well as look to you, even it is relatively cheaper. Therefore consider to purchase attractive fashion accessories through online it is the cost effective way to meet your exact needs. To eliminate all the hassles online store offer different payment solutions so you can easily pick the most suitable payment option to pay money, even online provides free door delivery options, at the same time online store provides free return and replacement options, hence make use of this opportunity to purchase attractive fashion accessories.

10 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Men

Summer can be said to be the season having more provision in terms of fashion accessories specially for men. They can wear shades, hats, bracelets, watches, belts and other summers wear accessories. Men’s wardrobe reflects a lot about their personalities and ethics as well. Having right items with desired looks and quality is something gentlemen manage quite adequately. Here we will discuss some items of gentlemen’s choice to be unique and more presentable from others.

1.       Watch

For most of the men this is the accessory they keep investing a lot. Also this accessory depicts the symbol and class of the men more than any other. Most men invest on a single excellent timepiece suiting needs of all types of wears but for few it is impossible to show their most important accessory in one type and design.

2.       Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also a main part of men accessory collection. It is not just a protection from sun rays but it is a symbol of fashion and class more than anything else. There is a lot of styles available for various occasions and needs but the most in are aviators. This style is most popular and most used men suiting whether formal and casual. Apart from that, sports shades are also common for casual use.

3.       Hat

This accessory is not very common but if you want to maintain a classic holiday look then this should be a must have. A cool hat with perfect summer shades would be best for summer when you can wear it casually and love to do so for a smart casual look.

4.       Bracelet

This accessory is more considered to be a casual one. Bracelets go great with your wrists but select something vintage or ethnic to express good taste.

5.       Belt

Just like other essential accessories belt is always a brighter component of summer suiting. Ribbon and Leather stuff makes it classic in summer specially in casual dressing. Sticking to old fashion black and brown can make someone stand out but other summer colors would also worth trying to make it different depending on the personality.

6.       Shoes

Shoes have a lot of provision in the summer to play with different styles. You can go with Boat Shoes, Joggers, or even some formal shoes as well. Casual shoes with straight jeans are a classic combination which always looks great. Depending on personality, one can go for short pants as well but it is not always goes fine so beware.

7.       Wallet

Men don’t use to replace this so often but believe or not there are men having taste and desire of wallet as well. They spend money for the best match according to their personality, work or even travel. Selecting good quality and matching wallet can surely enhance your personality and class.

8.       Tie

The accessory can enhance or even ruin a very good clothing combination. Be very selective in selecting and never compromise on quality on this. Classic blue ties are always cool to wear and looks great as well. Contrast also looks good with the cool summer shirts as well.

9.       Cuff-links

A must have for suits and formal dressing, Cuff-links offers a executive look when it comes to official and corporate world. Cuff-links are available in variety of materials but leather and laces are most in these days.

10.   Bags

Bags are very important accessory for men in recent times. Whether you are an executive or going anywhere casually, the need of man bags evolved drastically in recent years. Having good bags in collection for various purposes has positive impact on personality.

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